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This site fulfills two parts of the OCS Foundation mission:

(1) Highlighting the accomplishments and contributions that our membership has made during their military careers and to society as a whole.

(2) Collecting and preserving historical data pertaining to OCS, OTS, and OTC programs

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Capt. E. H. Lowe, the first black graduate from OCS in the SWPA, pins insignia on 2nd Lt. James B. Morris. Camp Columbia, Brisbane, Australia. 29 June 1943. (Signal Corps Photo Credit: GHQ SWPA SC437037, T/4 H. Hoffman)


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What's New at the Museum?

The Army OCS Hall of Fame online site is being restored. Coming Summer 2005!

Army OCS Class Lists

More class lists will be posted here as soon as the Department of Defense releases those records to us.

"OCS Memories of a Redleg Artilleryman" Presented by COL (Ret) Richard H. McCormick, OCS 04-52 (Bliss), AAA OCS 2004 Reunion, Fort Bliss, Texas

The OCS Foundation is an official partner with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. Please visit our Veterans History Project site to see how you can contribute your memoirs to our archives.

World War II Era Officer Candidate School Cartoons


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