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Submit Your Memoir

The OCS Foundation is collecting memoirs for the Veterans History Project. Most memoirs average around 30 pages, however, we would like you to provide at least ten pages type-written, double spaced. There is no page limit on the memoir that you submit.

Photographs, letters, diaries and other documents are also welcome with your submission. If you can submit an original document, we would be happy to accept it, but high quality copies are also acceptable. We do not collect objects like medals and uniforms for the Veterans History Project. However, the OCS Foundation hopes to build a national museum in the future where these types of artifacts will be accepted.

Some Ideas to Inspire You…

Writing a memoir is a very personal process. Sometimes it is helpful to casually jot down some ideas or key words about distinct memories. Drawing up a timeline is also helpful (what date did you decide to enter the service and when did you leave). Here are some questions that might help get you through the writing process:

Tell us a little about your childhood and background. Where did you grow up? What school did you attend?

When did you first join the military? Was there a particular event or reason that inspired you (for example: the attack on Pearl Harbor, family tradition of military service)?

Were you enlisted before you attended OCS/OTS/OTC? Do you remember your first day at officer candidate/training school? What were some of your fondest (and not so fond) memories of your training to become an officer?

Where did you serve? Who did you work with? Did you have combat experience? How did you stay in touch with loved ones when you were away?

What did you do after the war ended? And after your time in the military? How did military service and being an officer influence your life?

Forms and Procedures

Once you have typed up your memoir, you must fill out the following forms (all forms are in PDF Format - download to fill out or type into the form and print out the completed document). These forms are required by the OCS Foundation and the Library of Congress:

- Biographical Data Form
- OCS/OTS/OTC Specific Data Form
- Veteran’s Release Form

Optional Forms
- Photo Log

Submit your memoir and the required forms to the following address:

OCS Foundation
Attn: Veterans History Project
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Box #657
Washington DC 20006

Once you submit your memoir, the OCS Foundation will send you a letter acknowledging receipt of your memoir. Your memoir will be reviewed and a digital copy of it will be added to our VHP web site. The Foundation will then pass your memoir along to the Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress will send you a letter acknowledging your participation and the receipt of your memoir. Your memoir will be preserved according to professional archival standards. Your name will be entered into the project’s National Registry of Service. (The Registry lists the names and brief service histories of those for whom the project has documentary materials.) The project team will enter the information from the Biographical Data Form into the collection database. Your materials will be available at the Library of Congress for researchers, educators, family members, and others to learn from.





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